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Doom / Doom II: Hell on Earth / Brutal Doom on FreeBSD

Last modified: 2018/12/02


In order play id Software’s “Doom” or “Doom II: Hell on Earth” on FreeBSD, you can simply choose one of the available FreeBSD ports, like Chocolate Doom, Doom Legacy, or GZDoom. The Brutal Doom modification requires GZDoom. Either install it from ports or compile it manually.

Brutal Doom on FreeBSD
Fig.: Brutal Doom v21 with GZDoom on FreeBSD 11


At first, install CMake and GNU make to compile GZDoom manually. Then, download the latest source code and unpack the archive. In the main directory, run:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build/
$ cmake -DNO_FMOD=ON -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
$ gmake

The NO_FMOD compiler flag has to be enabled, as no FreeBSD version of FMOD exists. GZDoom will use OpenAL instead. Copy the following files to your game directory:

You will need the game files of Doom, Doom II, or Freedoom in order to play one of them. Copy doom.wad and/or doom2.wad to your GZDoom directory. Then run:

$ ./gzdoom

Brutal Doom

The game files of Brutal Doom are hosted on Download the Public Beta of Brutal Doom v21 and unpack the archive. Copy bd21RC3.pk3 to your GZDoom directory and run:

$ ./gzdoom bd21RC3.pk3

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