Quake on FreeBSD

Last modified: 30/04/2018



QuakeSpasm is an SDL port of the Quake I engine. Just download the souce code from SourceForge and unpack the archive file quakespasm-0.93.0.tgz. Inside the quakspasm-0.93.0/Quake/ directory, run:

$ gmake

In order to play Quake, you'll need the game files from the CD-ROM. Copy the directory ID1 to quakspasm-0.93.0/Quake/ and rename it and its contents to lower case (for instance, ID1/PAK0.PAK to id1/pak0.pak). After a successful build you can delete all source files. Just execute ./quakespasm to start the game.

QuakeSpasm on FreeBSD
Fig.: QuakeSpasm on FreeBSD 9.2 (64 bit)


For a better gaming experience, you may want to change some settings. Create an empty file in the id1 directory and name it autoexec.cfg. Add the following lines:

crosshair "1"

The first command enables mouse look, the second one activates the crosshair.


QuakeSpasm supports music playback. Rip the music from the Quake CD-ROM as OGG or MP3, create a new directory music inside id1 and copy all music files into it. The files should be named after the CD tracks, for instance, track02.ogg, track03.ogg, and so on.

Instead of ripping the music by yourself, you can use pre-ripped tracks of the original soundtrack. OGG rips can be found online, just use the search engine of your choice.

Inside the game, open the console with SHIFT + ESC and type

music track02

to play the first track. Loop is enabled by default. Read README.music for further information.


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