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Past entries

• idk wrote on 02/12/2022 22:46 UTC:

internet exploder cannot display this webpage

• Svenja wrote on 01/12/2022 20:45 UTC:

Ich bin dein Fangirl

• jj the jj wrote on 29/11/2022 23:14 UTC:

your gifs and website are powering the new old web!! thanks and rock on :3

• jan Tawi Tasumi wrote on 27/11/2022 10:20 UTC:

Beautiful website,best 2 hours I've killed in a long while o7

• cdh8u wrote on 24/11/2022 12:54 UTC:

the powered by bob gif is exactly what i wanted

• himbo wrote on 16/11/2022 04:12 UTC:

ur tellign me a queer coded this????

• pjals (Daniel) wrote on 15/11/2022 15:22 UTC:

Found this website while making a 88x31 button, looks nice! :D @

• DannyD wrote on 28/10/2022 22:25 UTC:

Ich war hier

• Zagura wrote on 21/10/2022 20:59 UTC:

Found this from a badge in somebodies personal site, love the badge thingies

• Fujiro wrote on 19/10/2022 17:38 UTC:

Boggerians love your website :)

• A human wrote on 15/10/2022 20:12 UTC:

this site is old

• Luis Guilherme Coelho Bueno wrote on 13/10/2022 00:23 UTC:

I really enjoyed the obscure X11 tools, actually, have to include I am pretty much happy with the FreeBSD on X230 post too. It will be useful :). Thanks

• COnfuzled wrote on 02/10/2022 20:37 UTC:

nice site Dont know what philosopher is which tho :p

• Margot Honecker wrote on 02/10/2022 04:12 UTC:

Ich grüße dich, mein genosse. Du hast der bestes website in die DDR

• BBB wrote on 23/09/2022 01:15 UTC:

Very cool 90s webmaster unix guy aesthetic i love it

• je oma poepchinees wrote on 20/09/2022 19:29 UTC:

sub 2 globale triestheid

• BENIS =D wrote on 19/09/2022 13:24 UTC:

Your site is amazing :DDDDDD benis!!111!!11!!111

• #⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝꙰⃝ wrote on 31/08/2022 03:44 UTC:

This is AWesome

• SArpnt wrote on 23/08/2022 21:56 UTC:

verified cool buttons

• tototrovit wrote on 22/08/2022 00:55 UTC:

heloooooo hellloooooooooooooo

• melvyn2 wrote on 12/08/2022 16:14 UTC:

This is what all websites should aspire to be

• Muhammad Ramzy wrote on 17/07/2022 04:24 UTC:

Hi Philipp, Tremendously great website with updated information nonetheless! I appreciate your effort in building it!

• dartajan wrote on 16/07/2022 13:58 UTC:

this is a really nice site. love hanging round here, always wait for updates on my rss feed! keep up the gooooood stuff

• Iain wrote on 04/07/2022 13:54 UTC:

Great stuff! WFIF xchomp source can br found at

• xmoo wrote on 01/07/2022 08:43 UTC:

I came through a blog post about old web pins and I found your site there, and I gotta say, amazing site.

• & wrote on 29/06/2022 15:21 UTC:

I enjoyed the website and really want to collect all those old web buttons. Please don't blackhole me if you see me botting all 4 pages.

• G. Castro wrote on 21/06/2022 20:03 UTC:

I don't know how I ended up here, but hello!

• Nicolas Sequeira wrote on 17/06/2022 05:10 UTC:

I thought the last message was posted on the sixth of November of this year, which is impossible because it's only the sixteenth of June, but then I realized that your website is European. Anyway, amazing website. People should be envious of a website this good.

• tsumugi aoba wrote on 11/06/2022 23:01 UTC:

tsumugi aoba approves of this website

• Jason Blascov wrote on 09/06/2022 21:27 UTC:

Hey hey o7, leaving a message for someone named Bitcrusher, if you see this, call me alright?

• jornmann wrote on 09/06/2022 16:31 UTC:

leaving my mark on this corner of the web :) ceptor36, you can use php

• ceptor36 wrote on 06/06/2022 23:36 UTC:

I wonder how I can make my own guestbook...

• Antonio wrote on 05/06/2022 09:55 UTC:

I am a former Fortran IV and 66 programmer. I am in my sixties :-) :-) Thank you very much for the very interesting information about modern Fortran. I look forward to future updates. Best regards. Antonio F.S.

• mincerafter42 wrote on 26/05/2022 14:54 UTC:

yo is that *Swatchbeat Internet Time* on the index page?

• Box Supremacy wrote on 21/05/2022 02:03 UTC:

Such a nostalgic site. Reminds me of old times when I was a young kid, browsing in the early 00s. Thanks!

• shizuka wrote on 19/05/2022 20:45 UTC:

trans rights =OwO=

• ana wrote on 17/05/2022 11:16 UTC:

thank you for your work

• Duke Ironfart wrote on 12/05/2022 05:46 UTC:

dude i really need the source code to this guestbook

• JUST wrote on 09/05/2022 23:37 UTC:

I don't remember how i ended here but i love it.

• Aeeaewsedrft wrote on 05/05/2022 16:33 UTC:


• IronGeek wrote on 04/05/2022 01:50 UTC:

It has been a while since I visited. Still one of my favorite sites to surf around.

• Presea wrote on 02/05/2022 22:29 UTC:

ohai thar, refreshing to see a modern site that works great on my pentium 2 dell latitude.

• wren wrote on 01/05/2022 05:19 UTC:

what a refreshing take on web design in the current day. love it!

• arisu wrote on 30/04/2022 03:29 UTC:

Great website! The animated GIF at the top of the Facebook page gave me a laugh attack :-)

• Ken Dy wrote on 28/04/2022 15:33 UTC:

testing testicles one two three

• airdoggy wrote on 25/04/2022 00:42 UTC:

great 88x31 collection!!

• Sven wrote on 17/04/2022 19:52 UTC:

Love the 88x31 collection, I am currently scraping the GeoCities archives to find all web badges that were online back then to create a gallery similar to yours and probably integrating your collection into it as well! What does your guestbook run on? I would love to make my own

• sanic wrote on 03/04/2022 15:44 UTC:

this site is so cool

• tuna wrote on 02/04/2022 04:07 UTC:

i got here by clicking random things. i like baseball. cool website!

• deckard wrote on 28/03/2022 11:35 UTC:

beautiful site! thanks for keeping this aesthetic alive

• valer wrote on 09/03/2022 16:20 UTC:

hack the planet

• Isaac wrote on 09/03/2022 05:12 UTC:

The button collection is awesome!!! I'm enjoying reading through this website and I hope you keep it up :)

• wheel wrote on 08/03/2022 17:39 UTC:

philosophize this, asshole _____ | || |\___/| | | | | | | | | | | | | ____||____|____ / | | \ / | | | \ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | / | / \ / \ / | | | |

• max wrote on 04/03/2022 16:14 UTC:

i exsist.

• Fairyfly wrote on 21/02/2022 11:23 UTC:

Hi! I love your work! You are doing a very good thing. I hope you are happy, safe, and taking care of yourself. Love, Fairyfly Dev (St. Agatha City)

• xXxruthiecutiexXx wrote on 09/02/2022 21:19 UTC:

your website is gorgeous! keep up the good work

• Joshua wrote on 06/02/2022 00:06 UTC:

Loved the 88x31 Button Collection!

• shiorid wrote on 31/12/2021 03:44 UTC:

gorgeous page mahdud

• Luka Marinko wrote on 25/12/2021 11:29 UTC:

Came to your site via HN, awesome old school :)

• dotexe wrote on 24/12/2021 05:37 UTC:

Awesome site! :)

• Walnut Bob wrote on 16/12/2021 05:14 UTC:

Very, very good.

• Juragaro wrote on 29/11/2021 20:22 UTC:

It such an honor... go fortran, go!

• Matteo wrote on 17/11/2021 11:46 UTC:

Love the 90s site! Keep up the good reads and 88x31 pin buttons! ;)

• Thomas wrote on 11/11/2021 08:14 UTC:

Keep up the great work!

• dook wrote on 19/10/2021 01:46 UTC:

Thanks for the "hyper link" to on your "web log". Very cool website! Works great in netscape!

• Maximilian wrote on 10/10/2021 15:40 UTC:

Dunno why I'm here, but the link of the "FREE SEX" gif got me here.

• emmatebibyte wrote on 05/10/2021 01:24 UTC:

wonderful site! <3

• naomi wrote on 03/09/2021 04:54 UTC:

lovely 88x31 button colletion, i'm expropriating some, really cool site

• sexlegend69 wrote on 25/08/2021 03:40 UTC:

Thanks for archiving some of the old websites. They're really useful

• linuxchad wrote on 18/08/2021 06:54 UTC:

Very cool site dude. Found it thanks to Luke Smith's article on old style buttons!

• Vagozino wrote on 15/08/2021 19:27 UTC:

Super cool site!

• conor wrote on 15/08/2021 18:39 UTC:

hey there mister

• jacencockayne wrote on 14/08/2021 17:24 UTC:

I love the button collection, luke smith sent me. Browsing from my T420

• Yedly wrote on 09/08/2021 23:04 UTC:

Browsing from my PowerBook G4 1.67GHz

• cristian wrote on 02/08/2021 12:45 UTC:

your button collection is huge! great website

• danica wrote on 21/07/2021 14:16 UTC:

ayo this website is so cool! tell me how you did it some time :Dalso i have no idea who these guys are but im in love with the captcha ;)

• angel wrote on 17/07/2021 01:32 UTC:

hey, this is pretty cool.

• Mocoseco wrote on 16/06/2021 15:46 UTC:

I can't find the hidden stuff!

• wrote on 16/06/2021 05:11 UTC:

I love this captcha... I just want to post to see what the next one is.

• T Face wrote on 15/06/2021 20:34 UTC:

Your "Life in Late Stage Capitalism" is the best thing online. Thank you. I want more websites like yours

• uiui wrote on 15/06/2021 20:05 UTC:

Who is a philosopher?

• Faux wrote on 15/06/2021 16:50 UTC:

Wow, this takes me back to when I first got online. Well done!

• ocean wizard wrote on 15/06/2021 02:09 UTC:

ur site is cool af

• woffy wrote on 31/05/2021 15:29 UTC:

this site has a wonderful atmosphere

• phat_sumo wrote on 27/04/2021 02:22 UTC:

nice place, glad i found it!

• Rory Smithee wrote on 24/04/2021 04:09 UTC:

Nice place. Wish more sites had the balls to be as simple as this one.

• HexOctal wrote on 23/04/2021 21:41 UTC:

This is the kind of places I like to see on the internet!

• Xoplex wrote on 13/04/2021 20:47 UTC:

Love the aesthetic of this site

• joe wrote on 11/04/2021 18:59 UTC:

Thanks for your good-ass site br0. I learned about xneko here!

• Noah wrote on 11/04/2021 04:18 UTC:

Pretty cool website!

• RJ Mantis wrote on 08/04/2021 02:10 UTC:

Classic Web Design FTW

• Super Hacker wrote on 29/03/2021 00:44 UTC:

does this work?

• Thomas wrote on 04/03/2021 15:32 UTC:

love the site, hope you keep it updated!cheers

• hisacro wrote on 04/03/2021 11:16 UTC:

Your site is one of the holy grail of *nix, cheer! great day

• techramancer wrote on 19/01/2021 20:03 UTC:

It's nice seeing classic web design. Have a great day!

• MrTime wrote on 16/01/2021 21:09 UTC:

I do like your website itis very neat, I made one ofmy own here:

• Ramzy wrote on 07/12/2020 20:18 UTC:

Hi,Very nice website! Thanks for the great sources of information available on your website! Thank you very much since I now like Fortran more :) :)

• Erin wrote on 05/12/2020 08:04 UTC:

Your site is lit! *waves hello*--

• Gundham wrote on 04/12/2020 21:30 UTC:

I found you through your buttons page. What a resource.

• DDR wrote on 01/12/2020 02:32 UTC:

Greetings from Canada!

• GPFROMSTL wrote on 25/11/2020 06:04 UTC:

Great page! Man I miss the 90s and 2000s... Rock on, brother.

• corona wrote on 23/11/2020 16:49 UTC:

this website shall spread throughout the world!

• Anonymous wrote on 10/11/2020 07:06 UTC:

This little corner of the web has refilled my hope in humanity. I hope this side of the internet (the personal web) never dies.

• 807-2 wrote on 05/11/2020 20:35 UTC:

Does X270's HDMI work well on FreeBSD-12.x ?

• Ilia wrote on 20/08/2020 02:59 UTC:

Hello from Russia! Communism will win!

• raeky wrote on 18/08/2020 15:47 UTC:

raeky raeky raeky raeky

• Otso wrote on 06/08/2020 20:09 UTC:

Hello, i like your posts. Do you have an RSS feed so I can keep up?

• brrrrap wrote on 05/08/2020 21:20 UTC:

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap um oops i tooted O_O

• Baloo ( wrote on 03/07/2020 15:50 UTC:

Nice website! Like the design. Thanks for keeping the backups of all of those buttons and the WWW resource page. Will definitely use for my own site! Cheers.

• Tobias wrote on 25/06/2020 17:14 UTC:

Very nice homepage and great to see a fellow Fortran friend :)

• bt2b wrote on 01/05/2020 10:03 UTC:

Hello world.

• Melli wrote on 18/04/2020 12:28 UTC:

hiiii, god. You are a savour with those badges, I really like them and will keep a local backup of them.And since more peeps from fedi are here: is meeee :}

• kitteh wrote on 09/02/2020 05:05 UTC:

hi! i've noticed you're using my button without linking me. can you please remove it or leave a link to my website to show that im the owner of the button? im not upset, i just dont want people stealing my button and claiming it as their own. ;-; i hope this isnt too much trouble!

• Uzbek wrote on 02/01/2020 01:51 UTC:

Found your 88x31 button collection via websearch while searching for buttons. Spent 20 minutes looking through them, they're like beautiful little candies.

• Daniel wrote on 01/01/2020 21:47 UTC:

Great website!

• Syrinx wrote on 19/12/2019 05:08 UTC:

Came here from Mastodon. Awesome stuff!

• roboman wrote on 18/12/2019 08:14 UTC:

Visting this site in 2019.

• Iron_Geek wrote on 27/11/2019 02:29 UTC:

Love your 88x31 button collection.

• izy wrote on 23/11/2019 22:51 UTC:

Oh the memories

• Martin wrote on 23/10/2019 21:21 UTC:

I love this site!

• dumustdeinleben wrote on 04/10/2019 15:06 UTC:

Glad someone's putting this stuff in a museum.

• Fangirl wrote on 01/10/2019 20:12 UTC:

Love this website <3

• tepes wrote on 04/09/2019 17:13 UTC:

Excellent website! posted using Mozilla 0.x

• Chase P wrote on 24/08/2019 01:42 UTC:

Keep up the good work, amigo!

• Sigurdur Freyr Jonsson wrote on 21/08/2019 19:58 UTC:

Pretty neat site! I don't know what we're doing with all this minimalistic design nonsense we've got going on nowadays, in my mind minimalism is just another word for laziness.

• abel-abel wrote on 21/08/2019 02:21 UTC:

Great site!

• Vitor wrote on 20/08/2019 19:14 UTC:

Nice website!

• Jörg C. Meyer wrote on 20/08/2019 08:04 UTC:

These were the times! That site makes me want to boot up my BSD machine...

• Nicolás wrote on 16/08/2019 17:18 UTC:

Nice website!

• Refalm wrote on 16/08/2019 12:06 UTC:

This is a great website. Reminds me of when the web didn't suck.

• John wrote on 16/08/2019 10:28 UTC:

alert('i love 1990 !');

• player wrote on 15/08/2019 01:35 UTC:

nice archives and buttons.i love your site. nice cascading styling sheets.

• aolteen wrote on 04/08/2019 03:59 UTC:

Great buttons page - I added your link to my site!

• therealman Warren wrote on 21/07/2019 22:18 UTC:

Very cool site archives, especially the 88x31 buttons!

• rider wrote on 23/06/2019 14:28 UTC:

cool place

• A-XM wrote on 09/06/2019 17:58 UTC:

Nice F03-SDL2 interface.

• Button Archivist wrote on 26/05/2019 02:03 UTC:

Great website. Love it.

• dfu wrote on 17/05/2019 19:24 UTC:

very nice i guess

• Gamerappa wrote on 17/05/2019 15:00 UTC:

The buttons are useful for my open-source site that uses only Frontpage

• clam hanson wrote on 28/04/2019 20:47 UTC:

frikkin cool site!

• anonymous wrote on 30/10/2018 22:21 UTC:

great site!

• dj_ddt wrote on 13/10/2018 17:22 UTC:

Cool Site and a great Trip back to the good old Times. :-)

• Pizza Squeeze wrote on 15/07/2018 00:01 UTC:

Hello i am Pizza Squeeze the creator of the Discord join now! gif

• John Duncan wrote on 06/07/2018 17:39 UTC:

Love your site!

• Codie wrote on 22/04/2018 16:12 UTC:

Hello World!

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