FORTRAN Computer Games


EGGX/ProCALL is a free X11 graphics library for C/C++ and FORTRAN 77 that is actively maintained since 1999. The library only requires a running X Window Server, and is therefore compatible to UNIX, Linux, macOS, and Cygwin. The source code is released under GNU GPLv2.

Julia set
Fig. 1: Julia set plotted with FORTRAN and EGGX/ProCALL

The API provides routines to open multiple X11 windows, to which primitives, polygons, strings, symbols, and various arrows can be drawn in 24-bit colours. Each window can access up to eight layers. Layers are used to create animations, or to enable double buffering. Bitmaps can be blitted as RGB byte arrays to screen. Furthermore, it is possible to capture keyboard and mouse input.

The source code of the library is available on the official website. Download version 0.95, unpack the archive, and run the included Makefile to build static library libeggx.a:

$ fetch
$ tar xfvz eggx-0.95.tar.gz
$ cd eggx-0.95/
$ make

Link your Fortran program against libeggx.a -lX11 -lm. The documentation (PDF) gives brief descriptions of all procedures callable from FORTRAN 77.


FORTRAN programs that use the EGGX/ProCALL library: